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DateMar 1, 2020 - Apr 30, 2020
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Course Description

Budgeting and Budget Management for Development Projects covers the key skills you need to develop effective project budget. It will teach how manage project budget from preparation to analysis.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Course

Module 2: Introduction to Financial Planning for Projects

Module 3: Essential steps of Project Budget Development

Module4: MS Excel Tips and Tricks for Budgeting – Practical

Module 5: Introduction to Project Budget Monitoring

Module 6: Budget Variance analysis

Module 7: Ms Excel Tips and Tricks of Budget Monitoring -Practical 

Section 1Week 1: Welcome To The Course
Lecture 1Read me!
Lecture 2Introduction to Course
Lecture 3Course objectives
Lecture 4How to work with this course
Lecture 5Course Expectations
Lecture 6Group Discussion Page
Lecture 7Advice for Participants
Section 2Week 2- Part 1: Introduction to financial planning
Lecture 8Read me!
Lecture 9What is a budget?
Lecture 10Who needs budget?
Lecture 11Why do we need budget?
Lecture 12Budget Approaches and status
Section 3Week 2- Part 2: Developing activity-based budget (Step by Step)
Lecture 13Read me!
Lecture 14Steps of Developing budget
Lecture 15Budget Worksheets
Lecture 16Assignment 1
Section 4Week 3 : Ms Excel Tips and Tricks of Budgeting
Lecture 17Read me!
Lecture 18Introduction to Ms Excel
Lecture 19Essential Formula and Functions related to Budget
Lecture 20Creating donor budgets - Single Currency
Lecture 21Creating donor budgets - Muti currency
Lecture 22Budget Narrative
Lecture 23Phased budgets
Lecture 24 Cashflow forecasts
Lecture 25Assignment 2
Section 5Week 4- Part 1:The budget monitoring report
Lecture 26Read me!
Lecture 27Introduction to budget monitoring
Lecture 28Budget monitoring reports – layout and content
Section 6Week 4- Part 2:Ms Excel Tips and Tricks of Budget Monitoring
Lecture 29Read me!
Lecture 30Detailed Transaction List & Budget Codes
Lecture 31Linking budget monitoring report into Detailed GL
Section 7Week 4- Part 3: Budget Variance analysis
Lecture 32Read me!
Lecture 33What causes variances
Lecture 34Classifying variances
Lecture 35Variance - Actions to take
Lecture 36How to justify Budget Variance

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  1. I am one of the student in Sitco the training of budget. I am in Somaliland specially the region of Buroa. I graduated my High school Abaarso Secondary School in abaarso village. I am now graduated the University of Buroa faculty of Account. I experienced more mathematics. I got benefit the book of FMD Pro , it is great book the side of financial. I am welcome our teacher training Abdirahim Elme .

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