TypeOnline Course
DateFeb 1, 2020 - Jul 31, 2020
Student Enrolled28



Section 1 Welcome To The Course
Lecture 1Read me!
Lecture 2Introduction to Diploma
Lecture 3Diploma objectives
Lecture 4How to work with this diploma
Lecture 5Expectations
Lecture 6Group Discussion Page
Lecture 7Advice for Participants
Section 2Module 1: Accounting Essentials
Lecture 8Read me!
Lecture 9What is an NGO
Lecture 10Introduction to Accounting
Lecture 11Why do we need financial information?
Lecture 12Users of accounting information
Lecture 13Four Building Blocks
Lecture 14NGO Accounting Systems design
Lecture 15Assignment 1
Lecture 16Accounting Equation
Lecture 17Double-Entry Accounting System
Lecture 18Review
Lecture 19Chart of accounts/ Coding structures
Lecture 20Different accounting methods
Lecture 21Seven Financial Management Principles
Lecture 22Cashbook- Introduction
Lecture 23Cashbook-Practical
Lecture 24Bank reconciliation
Lecture 25Bank reconciliation-Practical
Lecture 26 Assignment 2 - Recording Transactions
Lecture 27 Assignment 3 - Bank Reconciliation
Lecture 28Read me!
Lecture 29What is a budget?
Lecture 30Who needs budget?
Lecture 31Why do we need budget?
Lecture 32Budget Approaches and status
Lecture 33Steps of Developing budget
Lecture 34Budget Worksheets
Lecture 35Assignment 1
Lecture 36Creating donor budgets - Single Currency
Lecture 37Creating donor budgets - Muti currency
Lecture 38Budget Narrative
Lecture 39Phased budgets
Lecture 40 Cashflow forecasts
Lecture 41Assignment 2
Lecture 42Read me!
Lecture 43Introduction to budget monitoring
Lecture 44Budget monitoring reports – layout and content
Lecture 45Detailed Transaction List & Budget Codes
Lecture 46Linking budget monitoring report into Detailed GL
Lecture 47What causes variances
Lecture 48Classifying variances
Lecture 49Variance - Actions to take
Lecture 50How to justify Budget Variance
Lecture 51Final Assignment
Lecture 52Read me!
Lecture 53Ms Excel Essentials-Part 1
Lecture 54Ms Excel Essentials-Part 2
Lecture 55Ms Excel Essentials-Part 2
Lecture 56Ms Excel Tips and Tricks -Text Management
Lecture 57Ms Excel Tips and Tricks -Cashbook Part 1
Lecture 58Ms Excel Tips and Tricks -Cashbook Part 2
Lecture 59Ms Excel Tips and Tricks -Single Currency Budget
Lecture 60Ms Excel Tips and Tricks - Multi Currency Budget
Lecture 61Ms Excel Tips and Tricks – Detailed Budget and Summary
Lecture 62Ms Excel Tips and Tricks - Graphs and Formatting
Section 6Module 5: Financial Statements
Lecture 63Read me!
Lecture 64Accounting Methods: An Overview
Lecture 65Accounting Methods: Cash Accounting
Lecture 66Accounting Methods: Accruals Accounting
Lecture 67Cash vs. accruals accounting
Lecture 68Hybrid Approach
Lecture 69Assignment
Lecture 70Financial reports - why, what and when
Lecture 71Which reports do we need?
Lecture 72Where and When - Financial Statements
Lecture 73The income & expenditure statement
Lecture 74The Statement of Financial Position
Lecture 75Final Assignment
Section 7Module 6: Computerized Accounting
Lecture 76Quickbook Software -Download
Lecture 77How to Install Quickbooks
Lecture 78Create A New Company
Lecture 79Chart of Accounts
Lecture 80Project and Donor Setup
Lecture 81Project Budget Setup
Lecture 82Recording Transactions Part 1
Lecture 83Recording Transactions Part 2
Lecture 84Reporting
Lecture 85Users and Security
Lecture 86Quickbooks Final Assignment

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