TypeOnline Course
DateJan 20, 2021 - Mar 20, 2021
Student Enrolled5
Section 1Welcome to the Course
Lecture 1Read me!
Lecture 2Introduction: Course Outline
Lecture 3Participants Basic Information
Lecture 4How to work with this Course
Section 2Module 1: Introduction to Strategy Plan
Lecture 5Read me!
Lecture 6Introduction to Personal Strategic Planning
Lecture 7What is Personal Strategic Planning?
Lecture 8Why do you need a Personal Strategic Plan?
Section 3Module 2:Diagnosis (Who am I? Where am I now? )
Lecture 9Read me!
Lecture 10Who am I? Tool 1- Personal Data
Lecture 11Where am I now? - Tool 2- SWOT Analysis
Lecture 12Tool 3-Identify & Evaluate the Strongest Points in SWOT Analysis
Section 4Module 3:Goal setting (What do I want ?)
Lecture 13Read me!
Lecture 14Introduction to Gaol setting
Lecture 15Tool 4 - Specifying my strategy directions
Lecture 16Tool 5- Selecting your strategic goals using D.O.C technique
Lecture 17Tool 6 - Vision and Mission Development
Section 5Module 4:Execution (How do I get what I want ?)
Lecture 18Read me!
Lecture 19Tool 8- Work Plan Development
Lecture 20Tool 9- Budget
Lecture 21Tool 10- Short-term plan

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