TypeOnline Course
DateJan 20, 2020 - Apr 5, 2020
Student Enrolled47
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PMD Pro 1 is a globally recognized project management certification for development professionals. This online course is for anyone who leads, manages, supports or aspires to work on a humanitarian or development project. During these two months, you will learn and practice how to design, plan, manage. deliver and close your projects on time, on budget and on the scope. The course will deal with both the theoretical and practical information needed to have a better understanding of project management in the humanitarian field. It will allow for participants to gain a well-rounded knowledge about the project lifecycle and better prepare, manage and conclude projects.






Section 1Week 1: Welcome To The Course
Lecture 1Read me!
Lecture 2Introduction to Course
Lecture 3Course Outline
Lecture 4How to work with this course
Lecture 5Course Expectations
Lecture 6PMD PRO Discussion -Group
Section 2Week 2: Module 1 - Introduction to PMD Pro
Lecture 7Read me!
Lecture 8Introduction to PMD Pro
Lecture 9Defining Project
Lecture 10Defining Project Management
Lecture 11Project VS. Program VS. Portfolio Management
Lecture 12Constraints of Project Management
Lecture 13Project Management Challenges
Lecture 14The PMD Phase Model
Lecture 15Skills and Competencies
Section Quiz
Section 3Week 3: Module 2 - Project Identification and Design
Lecture 16Read me!
Lecture 17Introduction to Project Identification and Design
Lecture 18Data Collection
Lecture 19Data Analysis- Stakeholder Analysis
Lecture 20Data Analysis-Problem Analysis and Objective Analysis 
Lecture 21Criteria for Project Interventions
Lecture 22LogFrame Matrix
Section Quiz
Section 4Week 4: Module 3 - Project Set-Up
Lecture 23Read me!
Lecture 24Introduction to Project Setup
Lecture 25Project Governance Structure
Lecture 26Officially Authorizing the Start of the Project
Lecture 27Project Risk
Section Quiz
Section 5Week 5: Module 4 - Project Planning
Lecture 28Read me!
Lecture 29Introduction to Project Planning
Lecture 30Five Principles
Lecture 31Scope Management
Lecture 32Project Scheduling
Section Quiz
Section 6Week 6: Module 5 - Project Implementation
Lecture 33Read me!
Lecture 34Module 5 Managing the issues
Lecture 35Module 5 Managing People
Lecture 36Managing the Supply Chain
Lecture 37Internal Control
Section Quiz
Section 7Week 7: Module 6 - Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control
Lecture 38Read me!
Lecture 39Project Monitoring, Evaluation, and Control- Introduction
Lecture 40Project Monitoring
Lecture 41Project Change
Lecture 42Project Evaluation
Section Quiz
Section 8Week 8: Module 7 - End of Project Transition and Over To You
Lecture 43Read me!
Lecture 44End of Project Transition and Over to You
Section Quiz